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WATAIN "Trident Wolf Eclipse" LP Box Set

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WATAIN "Trident Wolf Eclipse" LP Box Set (Century Media Records 2018)

This box set is limited to 3000 copies worldwide and includes the following items, which will only be available in this box:

- “Trident Wolf Eclipse” on silver 12” vinyl, in a 3 panel gatefold LP sleeve with exclusive photos and artwork, along with a gatefold sized insert.

- “Trident Wolf Eclipse” on CD in a paper sleeve with exclusive artwork.

- “Antikrists Mirakel” 7” EP – the appendix track of “Trident Wolf Eclipse” on vinyl with exlusive artwork by H. Jonsson.

- “20 Years of Watain” – 40 individual flyers and photos documenting the first 20 years of Watain.

- “Trident” paint stencil.

- Double sided poster (60 × 30 cm) with exclusive artwork.