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VOIDS OF VOMIT "Ritval Expiation" 7" EP

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VOIDS OF VOMIT "Ritval Expiation" 7" EP (Everlasting Spew Records 2017)

Black Vinyl.

In an era of "old school" underweight hipster revivalists drenched in reverbs and "atmosphere" (that doesn't sound old school at all), VoV comes back after 6 years of riots, line-up genocides and mental breakdowns striking with 2 new death hymns, already released on tape by Unholy Domain records (august 2016) now ready for proper vinyl and mcd (with 4 bonus tracks) format by Everlasting Spew Records. VoV is not revival, VoV is comprised of people who have grown up in the early 90's and you'll clearly hear it.

For fans of (early) Demigod, Traumatic, (early) Disgrace, (early) Massacre and Funebrarum.