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VOIDCEREMONY "Foul Origins Of Humanity" Digipak CD

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VOIDCEREMONY "Foul Origins Of Humanity" Digipak CD (Blood Harvest Records 2018)

On the back of two hotly received demos – 2014's Dystheism, which BLOOD HARVEST later released on 7″ vinyl, and 2015's Cyclical Descent of Causality – California's VOIDCEREMONY have been patiently perfecting their craft. Although both demos were suitably rough in production, the execution was flawless – and fierce. Now, with the release of Foul Origins of Humanity, VOIDCEREMONY have at last fully capitalized on their mesmerizing, mind-bending potential. Everything that made those two demos special have been taken to extremes here, and with extreme focus and finesse: blackened death metal sprawling with labyrinthine technicality and endless corridors of unexplored realms. Foul Origins of Humanity is just as much a dizzying, bilious beast, VOIDCEREMONY's songs here twisting and contorting in ever-more-obscene ways, but now captured with a clarity that's absolutely blanching to behold.

The Foul Origins of Humanity are here, and VOIDCEREMONY have thrown down the gauntlet…that is, until their forthcoming debut album for BLOOD HARVEST arrives.