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VELVETCUT "HUSSSHHH (The Sound Of Sorrow And Silence)" CD

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VELVETCUT "HUSSSHHH (The Sound Of Sorrow And Silence)" CD (Firebox Records 2008)

Velvetcut, the union of four like-minded close friends, returns to the scene. Less than three years after the release of their debut album Thirteen (2006), Velvetcut is ready to release its second full-length album. During its decade-long existence, Velvetcut has gone through several line-up changes and a natural process of musical growth. Now, after more than three years of a solid and strongly-bonded line-up consisting of a quartet of friends ever since their late teenage years, Velvetcut finds itself unified and all powered up. There's no difficulty in hearing this on the new album - this time around you'll get to experience the sound of a true band, united and alive, believing in each other and their common creation. When entering the process of recording HUSSSHHH (The sound of sorrow and silence), a decision not to use an outside producer was made right at the start, with bassist Sami Jormanainen acting as the Head Honcho of production. The resulting album may be a surprise for many early Velvetcut listeners in terms of song structures as well as sound aesthetics, but it simultaneously captures the essence of this four-piece in ways that none of their earlier recordings ever got even close to. By keeping an arm's length distance to the center of the grandiose and generic American mainstream radio rock sound, Velvetcut now sounds more personal, intimate, explosive and true to itself. While you'll be able to recognize numerous influences all around the album, the resulting combination carries an increased feel of originality and vision. Despite the varying line-up and the fact that three out of the four band members currently reside in the Helsinki area, the solid base and the heart of the band remains around Ostrobothnia and in Seinäjoki. They call it the Texas of Finland, a suitable place for melancholy.

1. Chameleon
2. Communication Failure
3. Knife
4. Who Are You To Put Your Finger Around Me
5. Stereotype
6. Weight Of The Water
7. Sometimes It's Better...
8. Coming Home