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TRIUMVIR FOUL "Onslaught To Seraphim" LP

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TRIUMVIR FOUL "Onslaught To Seraphim" LP (Invictus Productions 2023)

Bone White Vinyl.

Triumvir Foul releases their third laceration of lust-ridden emanation – Onslaught to Seraphim. Co-manifested by Vrasubatlat and Invictus Productions, this final release of the cabal showcases Triumvir Foul’s most violent offering to date. Tying in the theme of the three serpents of their first album, Onslaught of Seraphim tells the demise of the beasts in the waged war upon the heavens and the slaughtering of angels in their carnal demise. Onslaught to Seraphim is to be released on cassette by Vrasubatlat and CD by Invictus Productions on July 29th, with a co-released vinyl version to come soon after.