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SONIC POISON "Eruption" CD (Pulverised Records 2023)

Do you like grinding Death Metal mayhem? Do you like high speeds and higher brutality? Sonic Poison play mental music for the sick and disturbed. Extreme tempos, scathingly evil riffs, blasting drums and morbid vocals to torment even the most hopeless patients. Those who heard their EP/split/demo releases will know they are in for a ride while the album gives 20 minutes of sharp sonic artillery, far more than ever before. This might even be their most barbaric material to date as hyper-driven death-noise erupts from every orifice with spasms of hatred. 

Although many of the songs sit at around 1 minute, this is for your own safety. Each is so intensely malicious and sadistic, more would kill you. In fact listening to the entire record is not suggested for the weak. Those who want to be crushed, devoured and spewed into the poison pools of putridity, grab this record and crank it loud. Guaranteed to get your neighbours unhappy and alienate any friends who aren’t total maniacs (time to cut the fat). The production is suitably old-sounding with rumbling bass and crispy guitars to peel the skin as the drums bludgeon the bones. As lovely as this all sounds, we mustn’t forget the vocals which will suck the marrow, soul and gristle from your twitching carcass. All this in under twenty minutes? Fuck around and find out!