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SLAGMAUR "Domfeldt" LP

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SLAGMAUR "Domfeldt" LP (Inferna Profundus Records 2019)

Black vinyl.

"Domfeldt - welcome to the bizarre and hypnotic theater of Slagmaur"

Born in the true Norwegian gloom more than 10 years ago, this reissue of the third demo of the band Slagmaur is coming out to light again! Slagmaur is a band that does not like to expose itselft too much, but it always gained interest from the black metal audience. Especially for the strange and grotesque aura that surrounds the music of this band. The demo "Domfeldt" still traces the first steps of the Slagmaur, but already here the listener is dragged into a bizarre and hypnotic theater, made of sinister sounds, ghoulish screams and slow, obsessive rhythms that like a macabre dance accompany malignant litanies. Slagmaur's music is doomful and repetitive, but never trivial, the compositions are able to involve and induce the listener in an ominous trance that varies between moments of pleasant melancholy to moments of majestic theatricality. “Domfeldt” is a mesmerising journey through the strangest patterns of musical horror.

Back in 2008 this demo was released on digi CD by Inferna Profundus Records. Now, after 11 years IPR is re-releasing this black gem on LP, limited to 300 pieces!

- 140gr. Vinyl
- Limited to 300 copies. 200 black, 100 gold
- 350gsm. jacket with inside black flood and matt lamination
- A2 poster
- Black poly-lined inner-sleeve
- All assembled in plastic outer sleeve