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SKELETHAL "Antropomorphia" Digipak Mini CD

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Limited to 500 copies.

Seven years since the band’s first demo, French morbiders SKELETHAL returns with their second demo “Antropomorphia”; revamped with a new line-up.

Showcasing only two brand new tracks, a re-recorded original and a Terrorizer cover song, SKELETHAL manages to spew out their usual repulsive Death Metal on this demo backed by a clear yet powerful production.

“Antropomorphia” is a swift, precise and straight-to-the-point demo that encompasses everything Death Metal should be about in 2019. Cover artwork by Chris Moyen (Incantation, Coffins, Black Witchery, etc).

1. Antropomorphia
2. Interstellar Knowledge Of The Purple Entity
3. Repulsive Recollections
4. Fear Of Napalm