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SKELETAL SPECTRE "Voodoo Dawn" Digipak CD

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Bludgeoning and inexorable through and through, grime-sovereigns SKELETAL SPECTRE once again incites the underworld with their deadly third conjuration "Voodoo Dawn"!

Spearheaded by the unholy Death / Doom Metal queen Vanessa Nocera, "Voodoo Dawn" proudly displays a plethora of sagacious riffs that crush like a two-ton hammer and yet sickens enough to contaminate a diseased swamp. Sludge parts crawl in and out on occasions in an malefic alliance with some ugly D-Beat indulgence!

With the entire full-length effort written and recorded at Morbid Apparition Studios while mixing and mastering duties were reined under the watchful eye of Patrick Bruss (Ribspreader, Acid Witch, Cianide, Impetigo, etc), and with the artistic scarring by Adam Geyer (Bone Gnawer, Fondlecorpse, Wooden Stake, etc); "Voodoo Dawn" is a tormenting solace of the most hideous hex-ridden Death Metal to ever cross one's path.

1. Voodoo Dawn
2. Altar Of Damballah
3. Serpent Moon
4. Bone Dust
5. Shallow Grave
6. Black Augury Hollow
7. She-Wolf Of Devil’s River
8. Haunted Gallows
9. The Flip-Side Of Satan