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SELTSAME ERDEN "Gedankentempeln" Digipak CD

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SELTSAME ERDEN "Gedankentempeln" Digipak CD (Chaos Records 2024)

SELTSAME ERDEN hail from the medieval town of Marburg, Germany. The band was founded in 2019 by vocalist / guitarist L (concurrently of morbid death metallers Nekus), and soon the lineup was completed by fellow comrades G and J (Into Coffin, Putridarium). Their first release, the Turmfall EP, followed in 2021 as well as a few hand-picked live performances. Sticking to the Teutonic black metal template of being steadfastly traditional and low-profile (or at least no-frills or unassuming), SELTSAME ERDEN surely honored their native idiom with a stout, surging style of black metal that's now fully blossomed on their debut album.

Titlted Gedankentempeln, SELTSAME ERDEN's first full-length was once again recorded in their remote bunker, deep in Hessian woods. As such, the austere and heavily hypnotic swarm of sound SELTSAME ERDEN present here strikes against modernity and other prevailing trends in the "black metal" scene. While the authentically '90s-rooted atmosphere touches upon the medieval, more so do the power-trio push their onrush of crush toward the minimal-is-maximal splendor of earliest Inquisition, Ondskapt, and even Maniac Butcher: movements of subtlety, detail, and plainly stated POWER. However, the production itself - all recorded, mixed, and mastered by (((CYPHX-AUDIO))) - elevates SELSTAME ERDEN to their own plateau populated by few, so mysteriously ethereal yet palpably physical is Gedankentempeln. The cover artwork by Belial NecroArts vividly illustrates this unique dichotomy.

Perversely "progressive" in its red-eyed regression, SELTSAME ERDEN prove with that Gedankentempeln that black metal's "second reckoning" at the dawn of the new millennium was not lost upon newer generations. The next thousand years are theirs!