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RUDE "Soul Recall" CD

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RUDE "Soul Recall" CD (FDA Records 2014)

Welcome to the filthy side of death metal, welcome to RUDE. FDA Rekotz is really happy to present this uncompromising debut album of rotten death metal. RUDE from Berkeley, CA (USA) combine classic filigrane death metal in the vein of the early Pestilence stuff with the dirt of maniacs like Autopsy. Catchy, brutal, brain crushing metal to the bone..what else.

We're not less proud to present an coverartwork of almighty Dan Seagrave (Entombed, Pestilence, Suffocation etc.).

1. Haunted
2. In Thy Name
3. Memorial
4. Soul Recall
5. Forsaker
6. Conjuring Of Fates
7. Last Of Us
8. Internal Ascension