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RITUAL MASS "It Ever Turns" CD

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RITUAL MASS "It Ever Turns" CD (Memento Mori 2022)

A CD that compiles all the material spawned by this U.S. band so far, all of which was previously never available on CD format: "Ritual Mass" demo (2017), "Abhorred in the Eyes of God" EP (2019) and "Descent/Sepulcher" single (2021). There is no better description of their aural assault than the words used by our friends at Grizzly Butts when they reviewed the band´s 2019 EP: if you´ve ever picked up the early Master tapes where they´ve mixed in the non-triggered drum takes and imagined what those thrashing, punkish Axegrinder-esque chunks might sound like reborn by way of a more perfectionism-bound group (i.e. Tomb Mold) then ratcheted up to ridiculous body-in-the-trunk heaviness (i.e. Coffins) you´ll understand why Ritual Mass are an instant thumbs up from my perspective. They´re not a Death/Crust band, but they could hang with ´em, they´re not a "caveman" thug merch-meme Death Metal band (but they could hang with ´em), and it seems the angle these guys are aiming for is a solid enough mix of simple grooving and easygoing pure Death Metal. "It Ever Turns" is a superb slab of primal, pustulent Death Metal. No tech, no progression, no normal blastbeats, no real "solos", no progression, no goofy merch: just utter devastation, tonal rape, crushing filth, ignorant stomp, and overwhelming intensity. It´s Death Metal done with a dangerous zeal that´s blanching to behold.