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RINGARË "Of Momentous Endless Night" Gatefold LP

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RINGARË "Of Momentous Endless Night" Gatefold LP (Avantgarde Music 2023)

Two years after their acclaimed Thrall of Winter's Majesty, international black metal duo Ringarë is about to release their new studio effort, Of Momentous Endless Night.

Born from the unity of purpose of two prolific musicians, American Alex “Esoterica” Poole (Skáphe, Chaos Moon, Nattfärd, Ars Hmu and many others) and Swedish Likpredikaren (Nattfärd, Ars Hmu, Demonomantic and more), Ringarë has grown a dedicated cult following over the years.

In their own words, the two artists describe “Of Momentous Endless Night as an album which carries forth the chaos that was born with Sorrow Befell (Iron Bonehead, 2020). Although a darker and more aggressive companion to the predecessor demo, this full-length takes it's own unique path, treading where the band has not gone before with 4 tracks of hateful, sorrowful black metal. Past battles, nefarious rituals, and Satanic summonings fuel the triumphs to behold within this sinister saga. The stories told are not of this plane; nor can they be considered past, present, or in the future. Each listen pulls them closer to this desolate world. Join us!”

Drawing inspiration from the early classics of ...And Oceans, Dimmu Borgir, Katatonia, Vordven, Bishop of Hexen, and Enslaved, amongst many others, Ringarë’s Of Momentous Endless Night will be released on CD, LP and digital via Avantgarde Music on December 15th, 2023.