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REVEL IN FLESH "The Hour Of The Avenger" CD

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REVEL IN FLESH "The Hour Of The Avenger" CD (War Anthem Records 2019)

The Deathkult rages on and "The hour of the avenger" draws near! After a succesful line-up change in the drum department and followed by the release of "Relics of the Deathkult" compilation in early 2018, southern Germany based REVEL IN FLESH finally strike back with their 5th full length album on their new label home WAR ANTHEM Records!

"The hour of the avenger" basically steps in where the highly acclaimed successor album "Emissary of all plagues" ended. REVEL IN FLESH evolved and refined their very own forumla of Death Metal in a logical way: More EPIC, more MELODIC, more INTENSE but still sticking to their roots deep within the classical European styled Death Metal from the 90ies era.

For the first time the drums and vocals were recorded in other studio locations while guitars and bass tracks were still recorded at VAULT M. Studios owned by guitarist Maggesson. For the final mix and mastering process REVEL IN FLESH handled over the final files to their long - time companion Dan Swanö (UNISOUND Studios) for a mix & mastering process. Growing over there years as a union the production of "The hour of the avenger" marks the most vital one in the bands history thus far!