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PURULENCY "Transcendent Unveiling Of Dimensions" 12" Mini LP

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PURULENCY "Transcendent Unveiling Of Dimensions" 12" Mini LP (Pulverised Records 2024)

Comes with Double Sided Insert.

Tennessessean crudebashers PURULENCY serve up a spine-crippling demo “Transcendent Unveiling Of Dimensions”, a sickened gloop of ultra dense Lovecraftian reverence!

The four-track abhorrence captures the savagery and incessant hammeriffage of caveman-dominion, a display of impenetrable modern-day Death Metal with maximum phantasmal aura; the sheer heft of PURULENCY on this debut demo is a vicious indication of boundless ghast of otherworldy-heaviness hereafter.

Partial recording done between Classic Recording Studio, Bristol with Grammy-nominated engineer Mike Stephenson and PURULENCY frontman Harrison Hunt, “Transcendent Unveiling Of Dimensions” was mixed by PURULENCY session keyboard-player Ethan Camp (Mortiferum, Caustic Wound, etc) and mastering by Dan Lowndes (Carcinoid, Deiquisitor, Galvanizer, etc). Cover artwork by Finnish artist Luxi Lahtinen (Convulse, Grave, Abhorrence, etc).