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PSALM ZERO "The Drain" Digipak CD

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PSALM ZERO "The Drain" Digipak CD (Profound Lore Records 2014)

Comprised of acclaimed avant-garde rock musician Charlie Looker (Seven Teares, ex-Extra Life/Zs) and Andrew Hock of CASTEVET, PSALM ZERO are quite the unique enigma in metal. It is what happens when the culmination of said two musician’s backgrounds, which seem like they come from polar ends, amalgam into something unlike anything going on in heavy music today. With a pulsating yet pounding rhythm section comprised of heavy programmed drums, electronic/synth samples, Looker’s bass pulsations and Hock’s hypnotic and progressive rhythm guitar moments, “The Drain” creates a very intriguing sound picture that gets even more enticing when the dual vocals of Looker and Hock find their way into the mix. With Looker’s very distinct clean vocal approach working in dialogue with Hock’s harsher vocals, this characteristic takes “The Drain” to an even more challenging yet rewarding listening experience.

Recorded and mixed by legendary producer Martin Bisi (Swans, Sonic Youth, Helmet, John Zorn etc.), tracklisting for “The Drain” goes as follows:

1. The Drain
2. Force My Hand
3. Chaos Body
4. In The Dead
5. Drain Postlude
6. Undoing
7. Meanwhile