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PLASMODULATED "Plasmodulated" CD

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PLASMODULATED "Plasmodulated" CD (Personal Records 2022)

On August 26th internationally, PERSONAL RECORDS is proud to present PLASMODULATED's debut demo, Plasmodulated, on CD format.

Excavated from deep below the earth, out of an underground cave of miasmic ooze, comes the eponymous debut demo from PLASMODULATED. PLASMODULATED is the solo death metal endeavor of Myk Colby (WHARFLURCH). On the five tracks here, Colby seamlessly blends Floridan and Finnish death metal into a sound all his own.

With guitars tuned up instead of down, Plasmodulated is an ode to a time when death metal was still in its infancy: transitioning away from the thrashy, galloping riffs into something murkier and more guttural. Comparisons to WHARFLURCH are inevitable, but gone are the psychedelic tendencies on this side-project. Simply, PLASMODULATED is just gruesome and grimy - going straight for the jugular.

All songs on Plasmodulated were written, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Myk Colby. The title track features a guest guitar solo by Cody Davidson (Sanguisugabogg, Putrid Stu) while "Protoplasmic Transformation" also features a guest guitar solo, this time by Peter Blanchet of Pale Gaze.

Released earlier this year on limited-edition cassette, PERSONAL RECORDS now makes this green goo of sound available worldwide on CD. Rearranged your mental coordinates for a time more primordial with PLASMODULATED!