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PERILAXE OCCLUSION "Raytraces Of Death" 12" Mini LP

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PERILAXE OCCLUSION "Raytraces Of Death" 12" Mini LP (Debemur Morti Productions 2021)

Black Vinyl.

Hailing from Toronto, Canada. PERILAXE OCCLUSION recently made waves with BLOOD HARVEST's re-release of their debut EP, Exponential Decay. Now with Raytraces of Death the duo provides another swift ‘n’ assertive display of those world-eating ways.

Exponential Decay combined gooey, viscous riffing with slamming propulsion, vaguely sci-fi atmosphere with black emanations from beyond, straddling a unique line between the knuckle-dragging and the cerebral. And while Raytraces of Death follows a similar trajectory, PERILAXE OCCLUSION here unveil a startling grasp of dynamics - haunting in its tension, effortless in its usage - which adds another dark level of devastation to their already-considerable arsenal. And just like its predecessor, Raytraces of Death is likewise 22 minutes, spread across three epic tracks. Mind bending death metal par excellence has gotten even better!