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PERILAXE OCCLUSION "Exponential Decay" Mini CD

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PERILAXE OCCLUSION "Exponential Decay" Mini CD (Chaos Records 2020)

Cryptic and imposing. Two expressions burning with essence and intent wholly represent what one faces at the outset of the first output by Canadian mysterious entity Perilaxe Occlusion. Somber dragging riffs wail like a mammoth bursting from the netherworld, heavy and utterly dark, while a gargantuan voice evokes the void with flaming fury. Perilaxe Occlusion's sonic nucleus rages within the Death Metal swamping trails yet there’s a further blackened miasma of suffocating darkness that elevates (or spews to the chthonic depths) these three tomes to an otherworldly realm. Whether via slow dismal wedges or vicious outbursts of belligerent devilry, the 22 minutes at hand showcase an incredible sense of dynamics, much assigned to the appropriate potent production and the tasteful performance, ultimately summoning an aura and momentum of genuine oppression.

Released on CD under the sign of Chaos Records, stare in horror at the abyss and praise a sinister and enigmatic endeavor of haunting Metal of DEATH.