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PATRISTIC "Apologetica" Cassette Tape

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PATRISTIC "Apologetica" Cassette Tape (Pulverised Records 2022)

Emerging from the shadows over the Eternal City comes Italian nonconformists PATRISTIC, an impending alliance between members of Bedsore and Hideous Divinity with a three-track EP “Apologetica”.

Drenched in tasteful dissonance throughout, “Apologetica” is also a spiraling madness of nightmarish Death Metal complexity, at times unveiling layers of musical influences in the most outright harshest way possible.

Mixed & mastered by Stefano Morabito at 16th Cellar Studios (Decrepit Birth, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Hideous Divinity, etc), Rome, Italy and featuring the surrealistic artwork of Misanthropic Art (Attic, Chapel Of Disease, Nekrovault, etc).

1. Apologetica
2. Praescriptio I
3. Praescriptio II