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OBSCENE "From Dead Horizon... To Dead Horizon" LP

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OBSCENE "From Dead Horizon... To Dead Horizon" LP (Blood Harvest Records 2022)

Black Vinyl.

Highly anticipated second album from this Indianapolis based death metal quartet.
Far and away their most surgical performance to date, “From Dead Horizon…to Dead Horizon” bursts at the seams with world-eating rhythms, barbaric riffs, and pained howls at the moon.

OBSCENE don’t care about reinventing the wheel; rather, they opt to keep the faithful wheel turning.

The album is suitably adorned with the cover art of Skadvaldur (Coffin Rot, Ripped to Shreds).

Recorded by engineer Noah Buchanan (Midnight, Nunslaughter) at Mercinary Studios and mastered by Dan Swanö (Bloodbath, Hail of Bullets) at Unisound.