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NUCLEAR TOMB "Terror Labyrinthian" CD

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NUCLEAR TOMB "Terror Labyrinthian" CD (Everlasting Spew Records 2024)

Baltimore Maryland’s weirdo death thrash stalwarts NUCLEAR TOMB have spent the last decade sharpening their singular attack and get ready to riot with riffs and explode like a molotov with their debut full album "Terror Labyrinthian"! Taking cues from old school tech thrash and progressive death metal, Nuclear Tomb seem determined to prove that metal still strives in the underground and that these frameworks still have ambition and depth to give!

"'Terror Labyrinthian' is the culmination of more than a decade’s worth of DIY underground weirdo thrashing madness. Running the gamut from ripping old school death thrash to punky noise rock experimentation, teetering on the edges of progressive metal while keeping the focus on memorable songwriting. Equal parts aggressive and dynamic, we hope to offer an alternative to the reactionary and predictable trends in modern metal. Weirdo thrash is the law!"

Formed in 2011, the Baltimore death thrash quartet draws from a wide pool of influences that manifest in sounds ranging from classic metal tropes to the limits of noisy punk experimentation. Focusing on dynamic songwriting and high energy, aggressive live shows, their dedication to DIY touring has earned them a reputation amongst fans looking for fellow heretics of the same faith.
After two self-released EP’s and a handful of east coast tours, Nuclear Tomb are unveiling their debut full length “Terror Labyrinthian” to be released by Everlasting Spew Records. Its emphasis on raw aggression, left-field ideation, and musical acrobatics is the antidote to increasingly reactionary and predictable trends in modern metal. Mind Thrashing Sonic Nightmares!

For fans of Voivod, early Pestilence, early Sadus, Suppression.