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NOTHINGNESS "Supraliminal" LP

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NOTHINGNESS "Supraliminal" LP (Everlasting Spew Records 2023)

Black Vinyl.

The Minneapolis' full heaviness purveyors Nothingness are finally back with their sophomore album! Crushing, extreme, dissonant, atmospheric and genre bending Death Metal, a cauldronous mix by naturally blending multiple extreme styles together with respect for the history of metal. Enjoy a journey filled with riffs for days!

Formed in Minnesota in Late 2018 by Alex Walstad and Barclay Olson, Nothingness would fill out its line up and self-release their first record “The Hollow Gaze of Death” in 2019. That debut record was rereleased by Memento Mori on CD, and Barbaric Brutality on tape in following years. Now Nothingness has teamed up with Everlasting Spew for their second full length “Supraliminal”.

For fans of Gorguts, Gojira, Morbid Angel, Iniquity.