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NOMINON "Recremation" Slipcase CD

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NOMINON "Recremation" Slipcase CD (Konqueror Records 2005)

Limited edition with spot UV slipcase.

Factory sealed.

Old School Swedish Death Metal! NOMINON disentomb the long lost Stockholm-style death metal with heavy thrash influence that ENTOMBED and DISMEMBER created in the early '90s. The guitars on "Recremation" have that chainsaw to the stomach sound of the classic Sunlight studio recordings. Heavy and distorted bass drives the music creating a massive mix while the drums are brutally heavy and perfectly written to emphasize, not distract from, the guitar work which dominates the music. Vocally, NOMINON tastefully exert midranged growls and spew forth higher screams to accent driving moments in songs.

1. Submit To Evil 
2. Hordes Of Flies
3. Buried By Me
4. The End Written In Blood
5. Mirror Of Dead Flesh 
6. Sickening
7. Under The Five-Pointed Star
8. Into Black
9. Condemned to Die