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NIFELHEIM "The Burning Warpath To Hell" 7" EP

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NIFELHEIM "The Burning Warpath To Hell" 7" EP (TPL Records 2019)

Hellbutcher Version.

If there ever was a track that was so filled with hatred that it just wanted to watch the world burn then it surely would be a track written by Swedish black metal gods of chaos, Nifelheim. After the successful Satanatas mini album, released back in 2014, its finally time to reveal the first track from the coming Nifelheim album. The Burning Warpath To Hell is the first taster and it comes in an exclusive mix just for this EP and its a track that really grabs you by the throat. Then when you have heard this one, youre left with only two options regarding the coming album. Run and hide or just wait and give in and join the depravity of the Nifelheim family. If you love the sound of metallic filth in the air. Then youre in the right place and you’re welcome down to the fire and brimstone, to the rest of us. Try it out, you might even like it down here

Track Listing:
1. The Burning Warpath To Hell-EP mix
2. Devil’s Wrath-2019 remastered version