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MUTATION "Void Of Disharmony" 7" EP

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MUTATION "Void Of Disharmony" 7" EP (Nuclear War Now Productions 2006)

Early 90's Singaporean death metal. Regular black vinyl version with poster.

Biography taken from Necromansy:
If there is one definitive death metal band from Singapore, it's gotta be MUTATION, quite possibly the first "modern" Death Metal band from Singapore in every proper sense. They were also notably exceptional for been led by Chinese deathsters (except Ayong) which is not very common in the history of Singaporean extreme metal to this date. Anyway, the lineup of this unit goes by Roy Yeo (vocals), Yiu Leng Hiang (guitars, bass) and Ayong (drums) of which the latter is one of the best drummer in Singapore to date and had played in LEVIATHAN and the legendary hardcore band STOMPING GROUND, before forming the DIES IRAE label with Razali from PROFANCER as well as drumming hellstorm for the second IMPIETY record. They released their debut demo in '91, titled "Malignant Existence" with that enviable pro-printed cassette sleeves and a novel cover art illustrated by Hermann Seet. Five tracks are rather lowly mixed and recorded on tape, inclusive of an intro and an outro. "Nocturnal Reincarnation", "Cannibalistic Horror" and "Demon Seeds" are top notched Death Metal numbers in the brutal veins, casting a web of intricacy with the monstrosity of chuggings and death growls, and the drums are the making of legends with that old-school flair meets technical obsession. This demo is one of the landmark in Singaporean death metal and of course MUTATION was also duely recognised in the overseas, which can be attested in the thank list of SENTENCED, SEANCE, BELIAL, etc. They released a recording in '92 meant for an EP but it was canned and they R.I.P. after it. Roy Yeo went on to form his PULVERISED label, which signed many Swedish Black/ Death Metal bands.

1. Ceased To Be
2. Cannibalistic Horror