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MOONLIGHT SORCERY "Piercing Throught The Frozen Eternity" Mini CD

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MOONLIGHT SORCERY "Piercing Throught The Frozen Eternity" Mini CD (Avantgarde Music 2022)

Let the moonclad twilight veil the forests once again!

Moonlight Sorcery is a Finnish black metal trio formed in early 2018. The band’s black metal is a symphonic and melodic variety by nature. Inspired by many black metal classics as well as classic heavy metal and melodic death metal, the band indeed has a huge palette of influences, which is directly reflected in the versatility of the song material.

Piercing Through the Frozen Eternity, the band first EP, was worked on as the icy winds blew and winter did its magic. In all the peace and quiet. The silver-saturated nights of the moon rushed to the melodies that breathe sorrow and the eternal majesty of the cold stars.

So, the majestic madness by Moonlight Sorcery is here to cast a symphonic spell of lunar evil! Expect a touch of medieval darkness, intriguing melodicism and mesmerizing solos to come and get you on May 13th, 2022!