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MOLDER "Engrossed In Decay" LP

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MOLDER "Engrossed In Decay" LP (Prosthetic Records 2022)

Bone White Vinyl with Yellow Swirl.

Upstarts Molder crawl out of the boneyard with renewed vengeance on their sophomore full-length Engrossed in Decay. For the uninitiated, the Joliet, Illinois-based quartet parlay old-school death metal vibes - think Impetigo meets Asphyx - with an insatiable present-day hunger. Comprised of Aaren Pantke (vocals/guitar), Dominic Vaia (bass), Kyle Pooley (Drums) and newcomer Carlos Santini (guitar), Molder’s primary goal isn’t to score deference points but to keep deathly flames alive. This is tried and true death metal with a palpitating (possibly undead) Midwestern heart. Between bong hits, Braindead marathons, and sarcophagus juice shots, Molder step out of the dark and into the light with Engrossed in Decay.