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MASAKRE "Morbid Extinction" Mini CD

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Indonesian Deathcrust upheavals MASAKRE unleashes the group’s latest bombardment “Morbid Extinction”, an EP of paramount and undeniably reeking in bloodthirsty nature!

Right from the opener that sounds akin to a straight-up declaration of war, “Morbid Extinction” sounds absolutely immense and gripping; tiptoeing a thin line between Crust Punk and old school Death Metal and yet MASAKRE manages to churn out every riff with a fresh yet deadly perspective.

Recorded at Syaelendra Studio engineered by Ecky Banbaroesa and with mixing and mastering duties helmed at X Studio, cover artwork once again epitomized by MFA XII (Doldrey, Abyssus, Wombripper, etc).

“Crawling To Perdition” EP included as bonus tracks on the CD version.

1. Abhorrent Dreams
2. Merciless Death
3. Inhuman Atrocities
4. Excruciating Endless Darkness
5. Abolished Realms
Bonus Tracks:
“Crawling To Perdition”
6. Dismembered Faith
7. Netherworld
8. Wrath
9. Abattoir Belief
10. Eternal Dominion