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KORPSE "Pull The Flood" CD

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KORPSE "Pull The Flood" CD (Huangquan Records 2023)

"Korpse" from Aberdeen, Scotland are a little-known death metal band that carved a very special place for themselves in the early 90's with their quirky and charming form!

They are like a group of elegant abstract painters, using their superb playing skills to outline the lines very full, step by step in the ups and downs of the level, let people fall into this carefully crafted secret, of course, behind the secret must be the love of human nature Expose!

Huangquan Records released the cassette version of the album for the first time, and at the same time carried out a subversive design concept for the re-released CD version, redefining the artistic level of these abstract painters under the premise of retaining the original cover and content.