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KATHGOR "Invocation" Cassette Tape

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KATHGOR "Invocation" Demo Tape (Necrolatry Records 2018)

We are proud to uncover further gems in the beast of KATHGOR, which in our opinion is the most underrated Old School Death Metal band in Malaysia. Where its transcendence into the periphery of the "majority popular scene" being a matter of choice, KATHGOR stands on its own footing and renders itself free from the trendy sheep-like infiltrations, just playing Death Metal on their own terms.

As a continuation from their previous two demos (2009's Descendants From The Depth and 2011's The Lord Of Internal Blasphemy), the two tracks on Invocation were originally recorded in 2014 and now presented to you in the form of a demo tape. Limited to 200 copies worldwide on pro black-shelled tape.