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IC REX "Vedenkantaja" CD

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IC REX "Vedenkantaja" CD (Hammer Of Hate 2009)

The third full length album of IC REX, entitled Vedenjakaja (The Aquarius), is an icy & fiery veneration to the grand architect Lucifer, appearing in the age of Aquarius as the dissolutor of old forms and a giver of a new law. The album is consisted of 7 hymns, which among other things occult are based upon depicting mans inherent role as the mediator between gods and the world of manifestation. Musically IC REX takes a step into a more guitarbased Black Metal out of the symphonic synth material of the past giving a new interesting approach for the cultists.

1. Prologi
2. Valolanka
3. Kristallipalatsi
4. Näky Hävityksestä
5. Hautajaiskulkue
6. Mestarin Ääni
7. Vedenjakaja