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HEXORCIST "Evil Reaping Death" Cassette Tape

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HEXORCIST "Evil Reaping Death" Cassette Tape (Godz Ov War Productions 2021)

Genre: Death Metal 
Country: USA 

All music and lyrics by Hexorcist except Crucifixion by Devastator. 
Intro for Denouncing the Immaculate by Cari Barter 
Recorded and mixed at The Shack North Studio Hialeah, Fl. by Fernando ”Ferny” Coipel. February and April 2021. 
Vocals recorded at Belzeth Studios, by Diego Angee. 
Mastered by Loic Fontaine at Krucyator Studios. 
Logo by Morbid Art 
Artwork by Johny Prayogi 

This album is dedicated to the memory of Doug Humlack. 

Hexorcist I - Evoking Malicious Incantations 
Hexorcist II - Excavator Of The Depths 
Hexorcist III - Chainsaws 
Hexorcist IV - Deathammers Of Luciferian Mastery