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HELLVETO "Crusade/ Autumnal Night" Digipak CD

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HELLVETO "Crusade/ Autumnal Night" Digipak CD (Ritual Execution Productions 2007)

This album combines two different recording sessions, 'Crusade' from the spring of 2007, and 'Autumnal Night' suitably from the fall of 2006. Majestic symphonic/classical dark/pagan metal.


1. Prelude 
2. Heritage Of Heresy 
3. On The Paths Of Crusade 
4. Posrod Mgiet 
5. Switez 
6. About Whispers Of Ancient Truth 
7. Escape On Wings Of Evil 
8. Death Of White Warrior 
9. Dzien Triumfu 
10. Blakagir 
11. Krzyk Niebios 
12. Autumnal Night 
13. Tym Co Smierc Nad Zdrade Wybrali 
14. Steel Of Fathers