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HADES "Live On Location" CD

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HADES "Live On Location" CD (Cyclone Empire 2011)

- Re-Releases of the first 3 classic albums!

- Those albums were unavailable for a longer time.

- The CDs come with partly previously unreleased bonus tracks and a revised and modified booklet including extensive liner notes and tons of great, never before seen pictures.

- HADES were one of the leading US-Metal-bands.

- The band members also play(ed) in some well known other bands like WATCHTOWER, NON-FICTION, THE CURSED, AUTUMN HOUR or SEVEN WITCHES.

- For fans of: US Metal, Prog-Thrash...HADES!!!


1.   The Leaders?
2.   King In Exile
3.   On To Iliad
4.   In The Meantime
5.   Opinionate!
6.   Rebel Without A Brain
7.   "A"
8.   Rape Of Persephone
9.   The Cross
10. Face The Fat Reality
11. I Too Eye
12. Aftermath Of Betrayal
13. Nightstalker

Bonus tracks:
14. Diplomatic Immunity - Live In The Studio
15. M.E.S. (Technical Difficulties) - Live In The Studio
16. Deter My Nation - Live In The Studio
17. Not A Part Of Your Life - Live In The Studio
18. Gamblin' With Your Life - Live In The Studio
19. Beté Noir - Live In The Studio