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GNOSTIC "Hatewar 666" CD

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GNOSTIC "Hatewar 666" CD (Infernus Rex 2005)

An assault of pure BLACK WAR METAL!!! Contains the Bloodwars of Heretic Supremacy material and other (previously unreleased) material from 1997-2002. Great cover artwork by Juan Jose Castellano!


1. Realms Of Apollyon
2. Twisted Predestined Swords
3. Imperial Gnostic Domination
4. Riddle Of The Nightwatchman
5. Hail To The Fire
6. Swine Hostess
7. Khristened In Blood And Fire
8. Bloodwars Of Heretic Supremacy
9. Through The Eyes Of The Serpent
10. Soul Enemies
11. Mist Of Gallows Reign
12. Victory Entranced
13. Dissecting The Heavens
14. Infernal Heretic Allegiance