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FLESH "Worship The Soul Of Disgust" Super Jewel Box CD

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Pete Flesh (Thrown, Deceiver, ex-Maze Of Torment) once again unleashes FLESH’s latest creation with “Worship The Soul Of Disgust”, a truly morbid and darkened taste of old school Death Metal. Sticking to the traditional old Death Metal sound, but at the same time with an unorthodox yet unique formula, “Worship The Soul Of Disgust” is sure to leave the listener with a horrific and bitter aftermath. This is definitely FLESH’s most accomplished and vengeful album to date!

1. Shatahan
2. I Masturbate To Jesus Christ
3. Nights Of Funeral Bells
4. Feast On The Soul
5. Fuck The Romantic – Fuck The Gothic
6. Sluts & Whores
7. Sadistic Penetration
8. My Penis Will Be Your Opera
9. Worship The Soul Of Disgust