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FLESH "Temple Of Whores" CD

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A sinister project by Pete Flesh (THROWN, ex-DECEIVER, ex-MAZE OF TORMENT), FLESH is a Death Metal creature that reeks of old school Death Metal and undoubtedly a force to be reckon with in this genre. From start to end, "Temple Of Whores" leaves you with a bitter taste of merciless riffs copulating with the ferocity of blast beats smeared all over the album. "Temple Of Whores" is definitely not for weak, so be prepared for an ominous devastation! Magnificent artwork and layout by Anders Plassgard. Recorded, mixed and produced at Abyss Studio by Tommy Tagtgren and Pete Flesh.

1. Temple Of Whores
2. Taste The Devil's Blood
3. Visions Of Damnation
4. Rotten Through The Skin
5. Baptised On The Demon's Throne
6. Grotesque Infection
7. Vultures
8. Spirits Reborn In Chaos
9. Invisible Darkness