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FLESH "Dodsangest" CD

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The sick debut from the insane mastermind Pete Flesh; ‘Dodsangest’ is a frightening quest into the darkest realms of oblivion, where old school Death Metal reigns supreme. This is an album that will elate those who crave how real Death Metal used to be; raw, brutal and relentless!
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Tommy Tägtgren at the legendary Abyss Studio (Hypocrisy, Dimmu Borgir, Dark Funeral, etc) and also featuring morbid artwork and layout by Erik Sahlström (Maze Of Torment).

1. Crave Death
2. Rotten
3. Endless Suffering
4. Hells Damnation
5. Bell People Of The Dead
6. Taste For Blood
7. Six Evil Eyes
8. Strike Dead
9. Feeding On The Flesh