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EXHUMATION "Eleventh Formulae" Gatefold LP

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Only through Pulverised Online Store: Limited 100 copies comes with an EXHUMATION embroidery patch with iron on backing. Width 12cm.

Grim kommandants EXHUMATION unveils a terror-storm of feral Death Metal obfuscation with “Eleventh Formulae”. A harvest that was six years in the making, “Eleventh Formulae” displays a stronghold of fearless innovation, at times breaching into uncharted territories with wild abandon but planned in calculated precision.

With “Eleventh Formulae” once again engineered under the helm of Devid Salasughi and art illustrations by B. Mors, EXHUMATION is undoubtably becoming one of the few formidable forces in nihilistic Death Metal.

“Eleventh Formulae” will be released on vinyl with 100 copies on Bone Vinyl, 100 copies on Oxblood Vinyl and 300 copies on Black Vinyl.

1. Mors Gloria Est
2. Inferno Dwellers
3. Formulae I: Malediction Bells
4. Grandeur Dawn
5. Vicious Ecstasy
6. Arcane Dance
7. Formulae II: Ironheart Rapture
8. Ominous Chants
9. Blood Trails
10. Perdition Spells
11. Formulae III: Eleventh Vessel