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EXCREMENT "Flesh & Blood" CD

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EXCREMENT "Flesh & Blood" CD (Chaos Records 2023)

CHAOS RECORDS is proud to present a reissue of the cult debut demo of Finland’s EXCREMENT, Flesh & Blood, on CD format for the first time ever.

EXCREMENT were a short-lived death metal band made up by bunch of teenagers from Vimpeli, a tiny countryside village in western Finland. The band first started out in 1990 as a trio under the name Apoplexy, first trying to figure out which way to actually hold an instrument, then mostly playing covers of Sodom, Sepultura etc, and finally, with enough of their own material, recording their first, primitive five-track demo in August 1992. Encouraged by having put out at least something and highly inspired by the then-current Finnish death metal scene, the band stepped up their game by improved songwriting, adding second guitarist Sami, and changing the name to EXCREMENT – because it “sounds and looks more brutal,” says founding vocalist/guitarist Antti Oinonen (Cadaveric Incubator, ex-Slugathor).

Recommended by their death metal heroes from the same area – Carnifex – EXCREMENT booked a two- day session at a small home-studio in Kokkola to record the new demo Flesh & Blood in April 1993. No real recollection of the actual recording session, says Oinonen, but the band was very pleased with the result, and it was put out independently through selling and trading within the underground, with around maybe 200-300 copies on pro-duplicated tapes. Nobody in the band really remembers the actual amount made, and to add to the confusion, the tapes came out with at least three different covers – a few different self-xeroxed sheets first, and the last edition on a pro-printed weird blue cover in the end.

After the ultimate demise of EXCREMENT shortly after recording the final studio work, the Scorched MCD, a year later in 1994, times were weird in the lives of the then-already-“matured” 16-17-year-olds and a lot of the original materials, photos, artworks, flyers, recordings etc from those times were lost forever, so there’s not much anything new to present on these 30-year-anniversary 2023 reissues of the demo – CHAOS RECORDS will be releasing the CD version, and Rotting Misery Records will be handling the vinyl version – but it still sounds great, says Oinonen, especially after the new restoration and remaster by Temple of Disharmony, accompanied with the layout to honor the original tape (the second xerox version) as close as possible. “So, enjoy it or not,” concludes Oinonen. “These are the ultimate final versions of this demo, which the band still consider our best work.”