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EUCHARIST "I Am The Void " Double LP

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EUCHARIST "I Am The Void " Double LP (Helter Skelter Productions 2022)

Black Vinyl Double-LP, limited to 400 copies.

The long-awaited third album by Sweden''s Eucharist, I am the Void. Originally forming in 1989 and then undergoing various starts and stops during the next decade before their amicable dissolution in 1998. In the years following their original dissolution, the cult of Eucharist continued to grow more feverish with each ensuing generation of metallers. Still, the name was effectively dead, until 2016, and the roots for their reunion album, I am the Void, were planted. The album presents a decidedly darker version of Eucharist. While the death metal muscle remains, the leather-winged  specter of black metal looms large across I am the Void, giving a familiar-yet-foreign aspect to Eucharist''s characteristic sound.