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ERESHKIGAL "The Raping Of The Divine" Gatefold LP

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ERESHKIGAL “The Raping Of The Divine” Gatefold LP (Temple Of Darkness Records 2005)

The roots of this unholy creation can be found way back in 1988 as FLEGETHON, inspired by the legacy and myths of ancient Greece. His music is near to the early ROTTING CHRIST, VARATHRON, NECROMANTIA or THOU ART LORD.

Gatefold LP limited to 1000 hand-numered copies. Purple vinyl .

1. The Crushing Of Creation 
2. Impale The Faggot Son 
3. Messenger Of The Unlight 
4. Ereshkigal 
5. Bloody Tears Of The Virgin 
6. The Raping Of The Divine 
7. Burning Hatred 
8. Invocation Of The Dreaming Dead 
9. Blasphemated 
10. The Final Victory