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ENTRAILS "The Tomb Awaits" LP

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ENTRAILS "The Tomb Awaits" LP (Hammerheart Records 2022)

Beer Colored Vinyl. Limited to 300 copies.

Entrails encompasses the early 90’s Death Metal sound to an absolutely criminal degree!

This album has the classic Swedish style Death Metal of the early 90’s. It’s very much in the vein of old Entombed and Dismember, but they have weaved in their own sound. The riffs are fresh and killer and so is the energy surrounding this release. The musicianship is insurmountable and it is great that the Swedish Death Metal sound has stayed alive in bands such as Entrails. The music is downright brutal, the vocals and the guitar riffs are explosive. We would venture to say this is a top release for the year 2011.

For a band that pretty much lay dormant for nearly 20-years they came back pretty strong and brought some of the old country’s roots with them. Has this particular sound been done already to near-perfection? Yes, but you might offer a small reprieve for Entrails because, in all seriousness, they’re just insanely heavy and horrifically brutal from start to finish. You can see where bands like Bloodbath found that elite sound. The production is of top notch quality with every note shredded accordingly. These guys know their Death Metal.

• Within Entrails’s impressive catalogue this album still stands firmly as a house

• Mandatory listening of you like old Entombed, Dismember and Bloodbath

• The new album “An Eternal Time of Decay” will be released at the same time

• Featuring members of Birdflesh, General Surgery and more

• Entrails has a huge live reputation and played festivals like Netherlands Deathfest, Obscene Extreme, Kill-Town Death Fest, Hellfest and more

For fans of: Entombed, Dismember, Bloodbath, Carnage