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ENGULFED "Unearthly Litanies Of Despair" LP

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ENGULFED "Unearthly Litanies Of Despair" LP (Me Saco Un Ojo Records 2024)

Black Vinyl.

Formed in 2010 and with two EP’s and a full length of supreme Death Metal under their belts, Turkish masters of brutality Engulfed return with their sophomore album.

Atmospherics, savagery, technicality and morbidity. These four words should all spring to mind if you know Engulfed, and if you do not, get acquainted. Surging forth impenetrable waves of ferocity, this band spawns from the hotbed of extreme music that is Turkey. Their unfaltering bouts of blasting drums and convulsive riffing should have any fan of true Death Metal gripped from the get-go of this monstrous offering. Warped vocals and even more contorting instrumental work conjoins in malformed excellence to present some of the bands fiercest tracks to date. If tremendous but hostile and savage music is what you seek, then read on and be a part of these “unholy litanies of despair”, an album title promising exactly what is delivered.

Every second of this ruthless offering is a feast of vitriol, pulverising all in the path of Engulfed’s unforgiving music. A rare example of a band whose technicality is not their downfall, relying on claustrophobic atmospheres and gargantuan levels of malice while playing superbly. The showmanship is tasteful and the songs never suffer for it, rather leaving you in awe of their undeniable talents which span the whole lineup. Moments of mournful gloom inject some dynamic into the total battery and mayhem, while the drive of this album is infallible and never loses momentum for a second, building tension and mood with its formidable and forceful delivery. Right until its dying breaths, Engulfed’s new offering is a lesson in visceral Death Metal magnificence that must be learned by all.