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DISMEMBER "Rehearsal Demo '89" 7" EP

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DISMEMBER "Rehearsal Demo '89" 7" EP (Doomentia Records 2023)

  • Official 7" release
  • Three colored versions
  • Replica of original demo
  • Four-pages insert


It ain’t called ‘history in the making’ for no reason… Many things have been said about the utter importance of tapetrading in the early death metal scene, how those somehow very crude sounding and sometimes clumsy nevertheless started a whole movement thanks to this international circuit and how, no matter how rough most of those recordings were, they helped shape that genre in to the worldwide phenomenon it still is to this day.

Obviously Sweden played a massive role there and many of those early proofs of life by future giants like NIHILIST/ENTOMBED, GRAVE or DISSECTION are revered to this day as sacred relics. Among them, DISMEMBER’s Rehearsal ’89 holds a very special place.

As suggested by its title, those four songs were cut live in the band’s rehearsal place in January 1989. Three of them would later on be rerecorded for their second official demo and all four would also get a remake on CARNAGE sole album Dark Recollections. Yet those savage and no-hold-barred versions mark the pinnacle of the band’s first era, back when they were performing as a trio, with Fred Estby on drums, David Blömqvist on guitar and Robert Sennebäck handling both guitar and vocals.

As this essential part of DISMEMBER history was omitted from the Complete Demos collection back in 2005, it’s been bootlegged multiple times using 67th generation shitty sounding sources. Until now.

Yes, this is still a rehearsal recording. So those of you expecting hi-fi standards and crystal standards should look elsewhere… But if you want to dive back right in the eye of the storm, back when death metal was all new and exciting, this is the special.

Produced in full cooperation with the band, this version includes a four pages insert with various flyers and fanzines clips from back in the day. More important: to stay as close as possible from the original version, as back in 1989, this will come with the same cover artwork and the same color variations, namely white, blue and orange. All crafted with the usual DOOMENTIA high standards.

So, ready to grab a piece of death metal history?