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DISMA "Earthendium" 12" Mini LP

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DISMA "Earthendium" 12" Mini LP (Doomentia Records 2023)

  • Special edition of 500 copies
  • One-sided MLP
  • Lenticular picture with a deep effect on the B-side
  • Jacket with circular die-cut, printed on both sides
  • Thick insert
Granted, there’s been a bunch of so-called death metal “super-groups” since the dawn of the millennium. A gathering of talented, determined to show the kids how it’s done and what death freakin’ metal truly means. But very few, if none, had the impact DISMA had. Simply put, their debut demo The Vault Of Membros basically erased all competition back in 2009. Not only did this first recording mark the first collaboration in between INCANTATION “cult” front man Craig Pillard and early guitarist Bill Venner. Now joining with members of FUNEBRARUM. But its earth-shattering heaviness and supreme brutality set a new benchmark for downtuned dark doom/death metal.
Fan from day one, DOOMENTIA has been working with the band since 2011 and their first European tour. Besides two split EPs, DOOMENTIA set up new standards with the LP version of their sole album, Towards The Megalith whose diehard edition featured a six panel tri-fold fantastic sleeve with an extra inserted 7 inch.
Since then, instead of putting out an endless stream of easily-forgettable releases, DISMA carefully choose to take their time and release the right songs at the right time. After some line-up adjustments, with now Craig Pillard handling both vocals and guitar duties. Their first new recording in five years, Earthendium showcases a continuous vision with even more effective and lethal firepower. Slightly doomier, yet still as crushing, these three new tracks (including the epic nine minutes long title-track) were recorded at the aptly titled, Neanderthal studios and proves than over eighteen years after their first rehearsal, DISMA remains one of the heaviest and rawest forces in death metal today.
DOOMENTIA once again offered the band to take care of the LP version, determined to stay true to the standards set by Towards The Megalith twelve years prior and to release an easier-to-find version for European customers. Hence this extremely cool-looking one-sided lenticular 3D picture disc version. Ola Larsson’s spectacular dark-fantasy inspired art in all of its glory, displayed in a die-cut sleeve. A fitting monument to one of this years most impressive and dark-as-fuck EP's.
So be quick or be dead as this will be probably sold out in no time, as did all the previous DISMA releases on DOOMENTIA.