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DIPYGUS "Deathooze + Bonus" CD

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DIPYGUS "Deathooze + Bonus" CD (Memento Mori 2023)

Official reissue of the debut full-length, originally released in 2019, by this U.S. band, including their song off the split w/ Cosmic Reef Temple (taken from the same recording session than "Deathooze") as bonus, and a revamped layout by Dayan, the band´s bass player. Sick and utterly repulsive Death Metal with pungent blasts, doom-ish passages and an undercurrent of Punk for fans of Autopsy, Impetigo, Funebre, Asphyx and Nuclear Death, as well as newer acts such as Undergang, Fetid, Cerebral Rot and Vastum.