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DEVIANTS "Legion" Mini CD

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DEVIANTS "Legion" Mini CD (Chaos Records 2023)

DEVIANTS featuring members from Mayhemic, ex-Parkcrest and ex-Helllish

“Deviants hail from Chile and play a late 80’s/early 90’s influenced form of classic death/thrash metal. Their sound is brutal and a bit chaotic a la the second Merciless album but generally rooted in ‘Scream Bloody Gore‘-era death metal worship where morbid, ripping guitar riffs and cacophonic bursts of speed are the main ammunition. Extreme thrash metal is where I nerd out most in terms of heavy metal so, of course I love this mLP as an introduction to the possibilities of this duo which features members of insane thrash metal bands Hellish, Mayhemic, and Critical Defiance. Since it was released on cassette on the first day of the year, most folks who normally wouldn’t seem to have missed it.” –