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DEIQUISITOR "Sword Of Pestilence" 7" EP

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DEIQUISITOR "Sword Of Pestilence" 7" EP (Me Saco Un Ojo Records 2017)

Black Vinyl

Arriving like an unbidden nightmare from the depths of the abyss, Denmark's Deiquisitor follow last year's eerily unsettling debut LP with four fresh corpse-molesting tracks of hideously crypt-infested death metal. Down-tuned and relentless, the sound is unutterably oppressive. A demon-spawning assault of inventive-yet-traditional filth, each element shines through in horrifyingly disgusting style. The ceaseless barrage of death-factory percussion progresses the sound endlessly forward, while hell-dwelling vocals stand atop a mountain of putrefaction constructed from the guitar/bass interplay of this imperious three-piece. A trip into the mountains of madness from which you may not return, simply put, this is too disturbing for most... keep away if you value your sanity. We don't.